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Monday, February 20, 2012

Where's the maid?

Cleaning the bathrooms is the bane of my existence.

I get that my "job" as the homemaker is to keep the house clean.  No problemo.  I don't always have shiny floors or clean baseboards, but I am anal enough that eventually the mess will bother me and I keep the house presentable.  I like to vacuum, I have been on a "get rid of all of the junk" kick lately and in my house everything has its place.

However, I think bathrooms, more specifically the toilets, should be an exception to that rule.  Why?  Because the women in the house are NOT the ones who make the mess.  When we pee, it goes IN the toilet.  By process of elimination (pun intended), the gross yellow STUFF that ends up under the outside lip of the toilet, all down the back of the toilet, on the floor behind the toilet, can only be blamed on the men in the house.  Since we women tend to sit and face forward when we use the bathroom, it would be pretty tricky indeed to somehow get some substance from our bodies onto anything behind us.  Correct?

I am so thoroughly grossed out that even the end result of a clean bathroom isn't enough to give me the "job well done" pat on the back.

Give me dishes, laundry, even mopping any day of the week, but please please PLEASE don't make me clean up after you in the bathroom.  Gag.

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