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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Kicking cancer's ass - day 976

Instead of the 2-3 business day wait I was told to expect, it was two weeks before I received the results of my abdominal ultrasound.  The wait was more than worth it - NO ABNORMALITIES!

I don't get regular scans by any of my doctors.  They only check things out when there might be a problem.  So far, any "problems" that I've had have turned out to be easily explained as NOT CANCER.  Good enough for me.  

Also, as of last week I'm back on the dreaded Tamoxifen.  I couldn't handle the Arimidex family of medicines any longer.  The extreme fatigue, the insomnia, the pain and the hair loss..... there's no way I could live like that for years and years.  

In some cases the devil you know is a better option than the devil you don't.  

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