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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Kicking cancer's ass - day 1144

Dear Hubby,

Fifteen years ago today, we stood at the courthouse and said "I do".  There wasn't a big crowd or white dress or cake to cut.  There was no first dance or a honeymoon.  None of that matters.  We have proven that the marriage is more important than the wedding, and our commitment to each other was made before October 15, 2001.  You see, I had already turned myself over to you, heart and soul, long before then.  The smartest decision of my life was when I chose you.  When I chose the life I wanted to have with you. 

Fifteen years is more than a third of my life.  We have seen our share of ups and downs.  We have had babies and lost babies.  We've celebrated marriages of family and friends and we have held each other through the losses of people close to us.  We have seen each other through injuries and illness, happy times and sad times, vacations and the everyday grind.

There's no question that I would not have made it through the last three years without you.  You have seen me at my absolute worst:  sick, tired, bald, scarred and scared.  And you loved me through it.  You have been so strong when I couldn't be, even though I know your world was turned upside down.  You have changed bandages, held me when I was sick, emptied drains and made me feel pretty through all of it, simply because of the way you looked at me.  You never saw any of that stuff.  When that was all I could focus on, you still saw ME.

From the day we met, you have been a calm, steady presence in my life.  You are the glue that holds me together when I feel like everything is falling apart.  You are the strong arms that hold me when I need comfort, you're the shoulder I cry on when life gets to be too much.  You make me laugh every day. 

You have given me two of the greatest joys of my life.  J and K make me proud every single day, and I love our little family with every fiber of my being.

Our kids keep us so busy that our focus is usually on their lives and activities.  But before there was them, there was us.

Our love is the foundation that we've built our family on, and it is solid as a rock.  I love that yours is the last face I see at night, and I love waking up next to you every morning. 

Thank you for giving me you.  I couldn't love you more.
Happy 15th Anniversary.

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