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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Kicking cancer's ass - day 951

Life's a bitch.

Sorry, but there's just no other way to say it.  Sometimes you coast along with the sun on your face, the wind at your back with every day full of joy.
Other times you are crashing into the waves head first and you can't even tread water.

My good run of bad luck started last Friday.  I went in for my annual (female) appointment and came out if it sore from a biopsy, poor from an $85/mo prescription and anxiously waiting to schedule an ultrasound.  Probably nothing to worry about,  my doc said, but she likes to be safe.  I'm all for being safe, and I'm thankful as hell that my team of doctors likes to be very very cautious.  But I am SO sick of having one more thing to worry about.  Another wait for biopsy results, another test to go through, yet another wait to learn those results.   And I've been demoted from yearly appointments to seeing her every six months.

Then my laptop died.  I'm talking blue screen of death DEAD.  I'm more than a little attached to my computer.  Email, Facebook, shopping, book reviews and softball league business and scheduling....try doing all of that on your phone for days on end.  It's making me cranky.

I also just found out that my dad is in the hospital.  He's having major issues with his legs (they've been swelling ever since his stroke), he's cantankerous and nit listening to his doctors and his lady is at the end of her rope.  And I'm 2000 miles away.

Running a softball league is not for the faint of heart.  I spend HOURS every day taking calls, texts and emails, fielding complaints because everybody is unhappy about something.  Our team is hosting a tournament this weekend and I wish I could just go out and watch them play instead of dealing with all the behind the scenes crap.  I spent an hour in a meeting tonight with someone who shook her head and "respectfully disagreed" with almost everything I said. 

One of my son's best friends has stopped speaking to him completely.  He won't tell J why, and even embarrassed him in front of their friends at lunch.  Not cool.  I know J is no saint - he's a mouthy fourteen year old who likes things his way.  But he has a kind heart and never publicly insults someone or turns his back on a friend.  His feelings are hurt, and my heart hurts for him.

I had to pick my girl up from school and head straight to the doctor today,  missing J's Honor Band performance in the process.  Diagnosis - pink eye and a bad ear infection. K is NOT AT ALL a fan of eye drops, so having to do that 3X a day for a week is awful and upsetting.  Apparently my place when she's sick is her bottom bunk, so Hubby gets to sprawl out in our comfy bed tonight.

I know things could be - and have been - a lot worse.  But when it rains, man, it really pours.
I need a break.  Or a drink.  Or a hug. 
Or all three. 
And it's only Wednesday.

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Alexandra said...

Hi, I was one of the January sisters in 2014, and am checking here occasionally ... I hope your "thing" turned out benign. I could hardly believe when I read it, because I am having the same experience right now. Have an ovarian cyst, was monitored, but Dr. is "concerned", so she sent me to blood test that indicated borderline likelihood of malignancy, crud. Am ready to get all those offending parts out of my body. More fun. I hope it's nothing, but I am quite freaked out over this. Best of luck to you.