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Friday, June 5, 2015

Kicking cancer's ass - day 644

This has been an eventful week.

Monday morning I had the fit to end all fits when J couldn't find his Bible.  I was trying to get myself ready (for work), him ready (for camp) and K up and ready to go with us, and the one thing he needed to bring, he couldn't find.  I started tearing his room apart, finding massive amounts of empty Gatorade and water bottles, pretzels, popsicle sticks, empty LEGO boxes... but no Bible.  I gave him two choices:  he could go to church camp empty-handed or he could bring his sister's Bible.  He chose option number two.  I guarantee you he was the only 13 year old boy at camp with a pink Bible.

I did send spending money and told him he might ask when he gets there to see if he could buy one.  Knowing him, he forgot about that, and doesn't really care about having a girlie Bible.  Keeping up appearances is not high on his priority list.

I do feel incredibly guilty for jumping all over him right before he was leaving for five days.  He was probably happy to get away from the screaming banshee mom.  <sigh>
He comes home tomorrow and I'll be happy to see his smiling face.  The kids are not allowed to bring their phones and there haven't been any updates online from camp, so even though I'm the mom of a teenager, I still can't help but worry about my boy and miss him until he gets back.

Tuesday I had a follow-up appointment with Dr T's nurse after my last unexpected surgery.  She said the infection looks to be cleared up, my incision is clean and healing - all good news.  Unfortunately Hubby can't give up his doctor duties anytime soon because I still need bandaging (they want it to heal from the inside out, which means we can't let the skin close up).  Dr T even sent me a text today to ask how I was doing and said he wants to see me soon, so I'll be going back for a follow-up with him in a couple of weeks. (Have I mentioned that I love my Dallas doctors???)

Yesterday was my mom's LAST chemo.  Aside from a blip on her chemo radar when she ended up in the hospital, Mom rocked twelve treatments.  She is strong and courageous and positive and never once lost her sunny disposition.  It's been a long six months for her, but after she recovers from this round, it's smooth sailing from now on.

Tonight K's softball team had a scrimmage and it very well might have been their last 8U game.  We have one more tournament we'd like to play in, but I don't know if we'll have enough girls.  If not, tonight was the last time the Diamonds got to play coach pitch.  Now we move onward and upward to 10U where the girls pitch.  K, along with two others, have been taking pitching lessons, but they are newbies.  Between that and all of the rule changes, we are in for a rude awakening I think.

Tomorrow, about the time J gets home from camp, K has a pitching lesson.  Saturday we are having a work day at the softball fields, and we also have K's birthday party.

I wonder what it feels like to be lazy.

(Please keep my friend S in your prayers.  She recently found out she has a medical condition that will require surgery.)

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