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Monday, December 17, 2012


On Friday morning in a small town in Connecticut, a 20 year old man killed his own mother.  Then he drove to the school where she worked and murdered 26 other people.  20 of them were children, all 6 and 7 years old.  *I* have a 6 year old child.  I can not even fathom being told that my sweet, beautiful, free spirit of a daughter was shot and killed at school.  AT SCHOOL.

Who does this?  In my opinion, you have to be really, really, REALLY "out there" to commit such a senseless, violent act against innocent children.  I mean REALLY out there.  How can a young man from a nice town where both of his parents lived nearby be THAT far "out there" and nobody noticed?  Are there no warning signs at all that something funky is going on?  Were there warning signs that were ignored?  Or were there warning signs that those close to him paid attention to, yet there was nothing to be done?

How can there be no way to prevent this from happening??  I know there will always be bad people.  And bad people do bad things.  I don't believe gun control is 100% the answer.  Take away the guns and someone will use a knife.  Or a sword.  Or a letter opener.  Take away the knives and he'll make a bomb.  Take away the ingredients for a bomb and he'll poison you with bleach.  There will always be a way to hurt people, and even ways to hurt a lot of people at once.  But there has to be a way to make it a little HARDER for them to do it.

Notice in my previous paragraph, I say "he" over and over.  In an article written by Liza Long, it is stated that "since 1982, 61 mass murders involving firearms have occurred throughout the country. Of these, 43 of the killers were white males, and only one was a woman."  Why are mass murders being carried out by all these MEN??  Because they need help and won't ask or accept it?  We all know men hate to even ask for directions... you think a man is going to say "Hey, I'm thinking about shooting a bunch of first graders, can you help me?" 

Why did Nancy Lanza have semi-automatic weapons?  For protection, I heard one report say.  Now they're saying she was a gun enthusiast who enjoyed going to the shooting range... WITH HER TROUBLED SON.  Look how well that worked out.  She basically gave him the skills to perpetrate this crime.  I have nothing against guns.  We have guns in my house.  They are locked up in a gun cabinet and we don't use them.  They are hand-me-downs and guns that were gifts.... basically collectibles to sit there and look like guns.  But they do work.  Do we have an assault rifle that will fill a child with 3-7 bullets in a fraction of a second?  Hell no.  Why does anyone outside of the military need a gun that does that?  Anyone who needs to shoot so many rounds in an extremely short amount of time has evil intentions.  You're not going to go out & hunt for your supper with an AR-15 . 

Why does someone go into a movie theater and kill people at random?  Why does someone start shooting at innocents in a shopping mall?  Why does some guy stand outside a school and slash little kids with a knife?  What little switch trips in someone's mind that makes them think this is ok?  IT'S NOT OK, and you know what?  THEY KNOW IT!  Why do all of these mass murderers end up dead or at the very least wounded?  Because they don't want a way out.  They don't want to have to live with what they did.  They don't want to be punished for their crimes.  They hurt as many people as possible in horrific ways, then take the coward's way out and kill themselves or make the police do it for them.  That right there tells you there's some little itty bitty part of their brain that knows they should NOT be doing what they're doing.  And yet they still do it.

I am just rambling here.  I stopped watching the news after Friday night.  I don't want to know who Adam Lanza was or what made him tick.  It's pure craziness to do what he did, and whatever made him do it doesn't matter.  I don't know all the facts, I don't know the ins & outs of the gun control argument, and I have no bad feelings regarding mentally ill people except that they don't get near the amount of help and support they need.  I have had  experience with someone controlled by aggression and violence.  There is something wrong with people like that, and in most cases it's not their fault, just like having cancer is not someone's fault.  That doesn't mean being ill is an excuse for being evil.  I am not blaming his mother.  The woman was a victim as well.  I blame Adam Lanza... for whatever reason, he did what he did.  I just have all of these thoughts running around in my mind and I needed to get them OUT!

At this point, the only thing that matters is that 26 beautiful lives were snuffed out in an instant because of evil.  It's violent and it's senseless and it makes me so mad and so sad. 

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