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Sunday, December 4, 2011

a week late...

Happy 10th Birthday to my charming, smart, funny, caring, creative son!  He has had the birthday that just won't quit.  We spent Thanksgiving in Las Vegas at my brother's house, where we had a mini-party the day before J's birthday.  We had cake and J hauled in the loot, coming home with more money from Vegas than we did!!  He had a present waiting here to open on his birthday when we got back (from his Grammie).  Then almost a week later we had yet another party with our family here.  Two cakes, presents and more money than any ten year old needs.  Happy Birthday indeed!

J, you are one of the brightest lights of my life.  You will always be my baby boy.  You are funny and fun to be around.  You love video games and Legos and football.  You have the sparkliest eyes and the longest eyelashes of anyone I know.  You are a wonderful boy and I'm proud to be called your mom.  I love you!

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