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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just WHEN do the teenage years start????

I don't think I'll survive them.  I have a surly, selfish, smart-mouthed nine-going-on-fifteen-year-old.  He's about to be listed as free to a good home.  And that's just my boy!  I can't imagine when my daughter is old enough to act like this.  All this, plus girl hormones, too? 

I hate, I mean really hate, being the screaming, bossy, unkind mom who always tells her children "no".  I hate it.  I love my children, I'm proud of my children, and I want them to be happy and secure in their family life.  However, when my child acts like an ungrateful, spoiled, bratty two-year-old, something's gotta give. 

Why does everything have to be an argument?
Why do you get mad at ME because you have to do homework?  I'm not your teacher.
Why do you tune everything out unless it's the exact thing you want to hear?
There is more to life than television, Legos and video games.  I promise.
Just because it's not important (or fun) to you doesn't mean it's not important.
The excuse "I forgot" doesn't fly anymore, especially when I just TOLD you two minutes ago.

Look at this cutie!  Where is my happy, smiling, fun-loving, funny, sweet boy?
I want him back.

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Wright Family said...

I find that the first month or so of school is hard behavior wise. By the time my kids are home, they are grumpy and hungry and tired and on edge. Usually after a full month or so they get back into the routine of school and are better able to handle things and their behavior gets better. {{HUGS}} Hang in there!